The K101-558 is a thin profile wing with moderate arc, 6.3 aspect ratio wing and 12 cm cord.

Its speed is similar to a pure race foil but with a great manoeuvrability.

The K101-558 has a burning acceleration that will boost you higher than ever. This "made to jump" foil also cuts lines like a razor in the water. It has great control when overpowered.

This wing is a real carving machine that despite its performance is still accessible to riders of all level.

Pack content
1 x M101 - Carbon Plate Mast 101
1 x FK647 - Fuselage 647
1 x W558 - Carbon Front Wing 558
1 x S330 - Carbon Stabilizer 330
2 x Socket head cap Screw M6x20mm and washers
2 x Flat Head Screw torx M6x20mm and 1x Flat Head Screw torx M6x16mm
2 x Flat Head Screw torx M6x16mm
Grease, torx, hex tip

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Kit 101 - 558 Carbon Kite Freeride

  • Производитель: SABFOIL
  • Код товара: K101558
  • Доступность: Предзаказ
  • 126 980 ₽