Fast, smooth acceleration, predictive and with a great manoeuvrability that makes this profile perfect for wave riding.

We kept all the good characteristics of the 550 wing, at the same time we lowered the lift speed and added stability. An advanced wing full of speed and manoeuvrability. The 695 is the choice for all riders aiming to do high jumps and manoeuvres at high speed.

It comes stock with the 421 but it can be used with the 325 stabilizer for a more skatey feeling in the waves, or as a freestyle machine with the 330 stabilzer.

Pack content
1 x M91 - Carbon Plate Mast 91
1 x W695 - Carbon Front Wing 695
1 x S421 - Carbon Stabilizer 421
1 x FK647 - Fuselage 647
2 x Socket Head Cap Screw M6x20 and washers
2 x Flat Head Screw Torx M6x16
2 x Flat Head Screw Torx M6x20
1 x Flat Head Screw Torx M6x25
Torx, hex tip, grease

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Kit 91 - 695 Carbon Kite Wave

  • Производитель: SABFOIL
  • Код товара: K91695
  • Доступность: Предзаказ
  • 119 237 ₽