• Kit M92 - W799BP - S399 - F899-HS

Balz's word: "My pro model is created for an early lift with the smallest possible frontwing surface without loosing control at higher speed. The direct feeling is pure pleasure whether you want to make radical turns or crazy jumps. When I carve half the wing out the water the stiff mast and thin wingtips avoid turbulences and let me continue my flight. With the small surface the landings are smooth and the optimized profile lifts me straight up again. Together with the stunning wide speed range the W799 is my choice for wingfoiling (92cm-F700HS-S399) and windfoiling (92cm-F899HS-S399)"

Dimensions & Advanced specs

Mast Height 920 mm
Front Wing Span 800 mm
Front Wing Root Chord 170 mm
Front Wing Aspect Ratio 5.8
Front Wing Surface 1100 cm
Stabilizer Span 400 mm
Stabilizer Root Chord 64 mm
Stabilizer Aspect Ratio 7.73
Stabilizer Surface 207 cm2
Fuselage Length 900 mm

Kit Weight


MH134 - 2x M8x30 and 1 x M8x35 Flat Head Screws Hex 1
MH111 - 2 x Socket Head Cap Screws M6x30 and Washers 1
Torx, Hex tip, Grease
MHW060 - Shims -0,5°/-1°/-1,5°/-2°/-2,5°/-3° 1

4670 g [±5%]

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Kit M92 - W799BP - S399 - F899-HS

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