• 2020 Skyblade Orange

Профессиональный гоночный 4-х камберный парус для фойл дисциплин.

The totally new Skyblades are 7-batten 4-cam high aspect designs that are a development step from the Loftsails Skyscapes. Skyblades combine enhanced stability with the powerful, pump-able Skyscape design package. The additional batten and cam shift these new sails to the upper-end performance level of competitive windfoiling.

The firm Skyscape exhaust (leech twist) generates phenomenal upwind and downwind angles. These are cutting-edge designs for cutting-edge windfoil racing.

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2020 Skyblade Orange

  • Производитель: Loftsails
  • Код товара: 2020 Skyblade Orange
  • Доступность: доставка с центрального склада
  • 72 920 ₽

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