SABFOIL (Moses) Hydrofoil designs, develops and produces high quality carbon hydrofoils since 2008. Our know-how acquired during 10 years experience in hydrofoil design and 25 years in advanced composite materials leads us to produce a complete selection of hydrofoils for riders all over the world. All our products are 100% proudly made in Italy.

Our Vision is bring innovation and create a better day in the water for every rider. Our goal is to provide a suitable foil for everyone, no matter if a beginner who approaches for the first time this sport or a professional. To make it happen we are always looking for new ideas and technologies.

Stabilizer 483 mm Kite/Surf/Wind

Stabilizer 483 mm Kite/Surf/Wind

This stabilizer was created to give freedom and speed to our big front wing W633 and W683...

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