• 2021 Purelip

4-х и 5-ти латный вэйв парус с широчайшим ветровым диапозоном. Модель Purelip существует и усовершенствуется в течении 20 лет.

The Purelip design provides pure wave performance and an enormous wind range.

With its pedigree of more than 20 years of refinement, the 2021 design continues to improve on balance, stability, and ease of use.

The 2021 Purelip feels quicker and more compact as a result of a higher aspect ratio. The increase in mast length is compensated for by the switch to a closed sleeve head which replaces the plug fitting used previously.

The leech has a new outline and has been extended at the third batten to give smoother and more reactive power release during wave riding transitions.

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2021 Purelip

  • Производитель: Loftsails
  • Код товара: 2021 Purelip
  • Доступность: доставка с центрального склада
  • 55 224 ₽

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