Designed for: Ready to blast upwinddownwind. A non-compromise Foil formula racing sail for real addicted race foilers who are looking for an extra edge from boxed products. Available in 10.0 and 9.0.

A foil sail goes smooth over water and the mast does not need to have the reflex of a slalom sail but needs to increase stability of the rig to help keep the balance of the foil.

The way a foil sail is cut is to have no back hand and if the mast can follow this characteristic, it will offer the sail a bigger range.

The fact that the luff lengths of foil sails are different to the slalom sails, the reinforcements can follow the luff curve needs to enhance performance in the different areas of the sail.

Generally, a foil mast can be stiffer in the IMCS to lock in forward the profile of the sail, reducing drastically the power of the back hand. Exactly the opposite to a fin sail.

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Package F1 FW foil racing - 10.0 + SDM-S Model F100, 570cm

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