Хотите выбрать жесткий, легкий, эргономичный гик? AL360 производит одни из лучших гиков в мире. Гики AL360 полностью изготавливаются на собственном производстве в Италии.

29mm супер жесткий гик.

E3 Carbon tubes are made of a one-piece monocoque high-quality carbon part, without any glued connection or insert.  The diameter of the tubes 29mm along with the new curvature profiles and the ergotrigonometric sections of the tubes, gives an unpaired rigidity to the boom, thus reducing the stress for the forearms and allowing for an extended use under extreme conditions. Lined in soft grip dual density for a best grip while sailing, with a vast range of colours allowing many customization options in the graphics. Back-end and front-end are made of 20% of elastomer nylon.

The E3s feature a newly designed front-end very compact and perfectly integrated in the boom outline, a highly optimized blocking system at the mast insertion and a carefully manufactured back-end terminal, whose design allows perfect sail tuning capabilities for both slalom competitors and speed-blasting enthusiasts.

Boom and all its components are made in Italy.

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AL360 Slalom-Carbon

  • Производитель: AL 360
  • Код товара: AL360 E3 Boom Carbon SLALOM RACE
  • Доступность: доставка с центрального склада
  • 119 620 ₽

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