Хотите выбрать жесткий, легкий, эргономичный гик? AL360 производит одни из лучших гиков в мире. Гики AL360 полностью изготавливаются на собственном производстве в Италии.

Гик AL360 Ergal сопостовим по жесткости с карбоновым гиком.

Диаметр 28mm для гиков: 140-190cm, 150-200cm
Диаметр 29mm для гиков:160-210cm, 170-220cm, 180-230cm

The boom built in 7075 alloy is a monocoque construction with  a ergonomics curves. The costruction in one piece for the ergal boom is a goal to reach for all the brands in the world of windsurfing, but at today only AL360 reach as a goal, thanks to its experience gained in 35 years in the industry of precision engineering and thanks to investments in new technologies for the pipe deformation, no easy feat in ergal. The advantages offered by the new ergal-mono monolitics booms, as you can see are the harmony of curves that reproduce the fantastic carbon models, the diameter of the pipes constant throughout the development of the boom, from the front-end to the back-end, without annoying bulges of pipes in handle area, thus making it more fluid passage of the hands in the change of the walls of the maneuvers, the absence of tubes inserted between the handle and boom avoid that over time creating games, with infiltration which lead to corrosion. The monolithic construction offers increased rigidity of the boom, the use of small diameter pipe gives exceptional comfort.

Boom and all its components are made in Italy.

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AL360 Ergal-Mono

  • Производитель: AL 360
  • Код товара: AL360 Ergal-Mono
  • Доступность: На складе
  • 27 988 ₽

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