Хотите выбрать жесткий, легкий, эргономичный гик? AL360 производит одни из лучших гиков в мире. Гики AL360 полностью изготавливаются на собственном производстве в Италии.

Модель FR FOIL AL360 - будущее в твоих руках!

In recent years continuous evolution and research in materials, specifically in the sails field, has requested a proper answer of all others components too.
AL 360, who has always been attentive to the material evolution and look after innovation, research and development to be able to come up with new concepts and projects in step with times.
Once again, AL 360 Team took up the challenge and they're bringing to light a completely new and redesigned boom, planned for the new contest: FR - FOIL to give maximum performance when using foil and freeride sails.

FR - Foil is a 100% carbon boom made with best carbon pre-impregnated fiber (pre-peg) on the world market, produced by the global's leading Toray. The same carbon fiber used in aerospace sector and in the Formula One field too.
In what concerns resins, we used toughened resins that are necessary to ensure maximum rigidity and durability, and in order to provide a renovated boom's strength, always a guarantee of our 100% made in Italy products.
This new boom is designed from a study that specifically looks at the new curves, that have been completely rethought to better adapt to the new 2020's sails, to create the right mix in order to expressing the sails maximum performance.
And as a cherry on top, for FR - Foil we have also redesigned the back end, that its wider than the previous E3 carbon model.

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AL360 Foil

  • Производитель: AL 360
  • Код товара: FR Foil
  • Доступность: доставка с центрального склада
  • 85 438 ₽

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