After a long process of designing with 3D software and an infinite number of tests for to give birth to an mast extension of great design and with big content of technological solutions of the highest level and quality.

The extensions are of three different materials: alu, ergal and full carbon 100%, in the next pages the technical details of each one.

1 - the mast extension tube is made of a single piece (Detail. 4), reaches the bottom of the plastic part
2 - The attack of the pulleys and cleats are a unique fusion of stainless steel
3 - cleats its inclined in line with the pulley to allow an optimal trim of the sail and avoid twisting the rope and greater resilience.
4 - The attack pulleys is screwed directly into the extension tube

Material used for the tube: Alloy 7075

Tensile strength Rm (N / mm): 540
Yield strength Rp 0.2: 485
Elongation A5: 6
Hardness HBS: 153

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AL360 SDM Ergal

  • Производитель: AL 360
  • Код товара: AL360 SDM Ergal. Euro Pin
  • Доступность: доставка с центрального склада
  • 113 ₽

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