• Удлинитель Simmer SX10 RDM

Simmer SX10 RDM extension Euro pin

Pre-preg carbon tube, with increased wall thickness to 3.8 mm for the ultimate durability against bending and breaking. Fitted with a stainless steel cleat/pulley offering the best weight to stiffness ratio and creating very light weight as well as being very durable and load resistant. Designed for the ultimate performance and maximum longevity. 


- Quick-lock release. 
- Stainless pulley system for less friction and greater durability.
- Stainless clamshell adjustment system.
- Dynema rope for reduced friction and increased longevity.

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Удлинитель Simmer SX10 RDM

  • Производитель: SimmerStyle
  • Код товара: SX10 RDM ext
  • Доступность: На складе
  • 15 819 ₽

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